“A good strategy will only take you so far.
A good resource who implements that strategy well is what takes you to the finish line.”

Increasingly, businesses across the world are switching to offshore staffing model aiming at tapping local talent pool, getting quality work through lower capital requirement and costs, and possible tax benefits. The offshore establishment model, when compared to having remote resources, provides greater control, confidentiality, and alignment to organization goals

Our motivated team, with experience of outsourcing engagements since 2009, aims to provide the necessary support and assurance to overseas establishments in creating a compact offshore setup and mould it into a smooth functioning unit. We believe in Build Operate Transfer approach, where we hire good talent groom them to a level wherein you get the confidence to absorb them to the core business.

Technical Offshore staffing

Through our technical offshore staffing solution, we assure you:

  • Competency: Access to resource with prior experience in product based start-ups
  • Cost optimization: Lower employee overheads without compromising the quality
  • Continuity: Geographic advantage of offshore location leading to faster delivery
  • Contingency: Resources with capabilities to help you in business contingency

Who can hire Offshore Technical staff

  • Software Product development Startups
  • Software development companies who are in need of employees for the development of a specific aspect of the product or a specific technology platform like Java,.Net and PHP etc..

Offshore Operations staffing

Through our technical offshore staffing solution, we assure you:

  • Segregation of duty: Clear demarcation of roles for effective operations
  • Cost Minimisation: Lower administrative overheads
  • Customer satisfaction:  Achieving targets by fulfilling your customer needs.

Who can hire Offshore Support staff

  • Non-Technical Companies in fields like Placement services, Real-estate, Medical Transcription Education, and Hospitality.
  • Operational areas within the company like Accounting, Recruitment, Business Development, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Data Entry, Call Centre Operations, and E-Commerce

Offshore Interns

In addition to traditional Offshore staffing services, we excel at a unique offering in providing you with Offshore Interns who can give a fresh perspective to your business.

Who can Hire Offshore Interns?

  • Software Product Development companies.
  • Emerging technology companies (Blockchain, AI and ML)
  • Research-based companies.

Advantage of Offshore Interns

  • Tapping young talent with background in emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI and ML.
  • Opportunity to explore capabilities of the resource and absorb them into the mainstream business. 
  •  Lower project-based compensation 
  • Advantage Acsestech We work with partners on Build Operate and Transfer Model.
  • Being your Offshore Partner, you get unparalleled access to talent base from start-ups, premier institutes, and experienced professionals 
  • We provide connect applications which are developed in-house for resource and project management to serve our clients better.
  • Perfect mapping of technical requirements to resource capability – we have a large database of skilled individuals to cater to the specific needs of the project
  • Whether it is 1 employee or 100 employees, we have the calibre to execute assignment of any size
  • We focus on confidentiality and information security while hiring and training employees
  • We help you in hiring your offshore staff in emerging technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, etc..
  • We can also help you in hiring your offshore staff in core technologies like.Net, Java, and PHP.
  • End to end hiring capabilities across administrative and support areas of your business
  • Leverage form our past experience to bring forth best practices of offshore staffing 
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