Domestic Staffing​

Finding the right resource that will weave perfectly into the DNA of your organisation is not an easy task. Our host of Domestic Staffing services will help you with just that. ​

Full Time Staffing

  • Access to talent base from premier institutes , start-ups and experienced professionals
  • Recruitment, Training and Alignment with organisational core values and goals
  • End to end hiring capabilities across technical, administrative and support areas of your business

  Project Based Staffing

  • Perfect mapping of technical requirements to resource capability – we have large database of skilled individuals to cater to the specific needs of the project
  • Cost optimisation – we will execute the hiring and contracting of resources with minimal hassle, optimal overheads and in a swift timeframe
  • Hiring capability across the width and breadth of project requirements – we have access to talent to wide range of experience and expertise
  • We have the calibre to take-up assignment of any size of the team with tangible savings on administrative costs

Intern Staffing

  • We provide you the best of the best in the calibre for multitude of skills
  • We adopt care and caution in getting interns who are best fit for your work culture
  • Our overall intention is to create an opportunity where that resource be good enough to be absorbed leading to long term benefits

Temporary Staffing

  • Finding the right people to execute your ad-hoc requirement.
  • Skill based matching of requirements to a wide range of professional and technical capabilities
  • Agile staffing solution with tangible savings in time and hiring efforts
  • Support in recruiting and employee enrichment activities while lowering your hiring risks
  • Opportunity to evaluate and explore the resources for a possible absorption until which they will remain on our pay roll.

Master Vendor Services

  • We will become your trusted partners for your onsite recruiting needs
  • Will establish a single point contact that will help streamline all your recruiting needs
  • Smooth leasing with all associated recruitersOur aim will be to reduce your overhead cost by channelling all process under a single Master vendor program

Other Services:

  • Executive Search: The top management defines the path of the organisation. It is vital to have the perfect fit that coherently works alongside the existing members to write the future of the company. We have the capability to find you the future leaders.
  • Out Placement Services: Its never easy to let go of an employee. Our out placements services will help the employees set path on their future
  • endeavors in a smooth and peaceful manner. 
  • Hiring Co-ordination: Hiring is a daunting task. We understand the nuances of this. Our experts will help design a recruiting strategy by taking into account the requirements of the team and help you identify the right person.

Our Process:

  • Understanding your requirements
  • Identifying the right personnel
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Employee Management and Grievance
  • SPOC – a dedicated resource to handle any queries from your side